Used Borewell lorry rigs buying guide

July 11, 2020

A comprehensive guide and step to buy used borewell lorry rigs.

Buying a used drilling rig machine be it a borewell drilling truck or borewell drilling tractor for business services is a business citirical decision and comes with a considerable investments and risk on the machinary. Choosing right specification for your application is a tedious task which involves consideration of technical and commercial aspects of the whole business cycle espically for borewell business.

With the ever changing technology and neumoreous options and specification avaialble for newly built trucks or tractors, Borewell operators have wide options. but it is not the case with second hand borewell machines as lot of parameters should be analysed with keen note before buying used vehicles.

Followig are the factors to be considered during used borewell drilling machine purchase

Type of application:
Main application includes borewell application, mining application or soil sampling application or piling operations.

Earth amd Soil Structure:
Hard rock, soil type (normal or loose soil).

• Earth Surface
Plain surface or Mountain surface

Depth of the Drilling:
Depth of the application area determines the major specification of the borewell drilling rigs.

Type of Vehicle:
Drilling rigs can be mounted on a tractor, Crawler or Trucks.

Single Version or Dual version Truck:
up to 600 feet in hard rock, Single Truck Version borewell rig is preffered
Up to 800 feet in soft soil, Single Truck Version borewell rig is preffered

Dual version truck can go upto the depth of 1800 feets
• Compressor brand.
Following Air compressors are avialable in the market.
ELGI, Atlas Copco, Chicago Pneumatics, Doosan. Spare parts availablity should be the main consideration while buying used truck or tractors.

Maintenance cost
Getting good used rig equipements in good condition can save quite lot of money in operations and mainteneace as well as it reduce equipements breakdowns.

For further details, Contact us so that we help you to acquire best used borewell machines for your application.

What are the truck / lorry models best suitable for mounting borewell mechanism ?

Following trucks are best suitable for mounting borewell lorry.

Ashok Leyland 2516

Ashok Leyland 2518

Ashok Leyland 2523

Ashok Leyland 2820 BS6

What are the borewell truck compressor models available?

Atlas Copco

Ingorsell Rand

Elgi Compressor

Chicago Pneumatics

Borewell lorry price is based on the combination of trucks and air compressor model.

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